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 Here comes Comic-Con 2010! Which means ANOTHER UNRELATED TO THE ACTUAL ORGANIZATION BUT PERFECTLY TIMED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH, Comic-Con Burlesque SHow in July 2010, in downtown San Diego!! Last year the Burlesque Show was stunning. It was a bit off the beaten track and we only had a day to promote it, but it still kicked booty. THIS YEAR we'll be doing it again, so we hope you sign up for the newsletter (below).

In another month we'll have our "store" up and we look forward to draping you in exotic concoctions of ink and thread.


Popular Naughty is the darling of exotic streetwear for the smart person with an eye for alternative art, innovative music, design, and a ripping good life through superior diversification. Only the clever people seem to get that... you decide who YOU ARE!!

In other words...
Burlesque/Punk/Garage Rock/Monster/HotRod T-shirts

Burlesque Clothing
for the World Adventurer

Suicide Girls LOVE Popular Naughty


French burlesque

Le Cochon danseur
is a wonderfully bizarre French burlesque film from 1907, in Englishness it's, The Dancing Pig

This old timey French film, shows off the finer points of "burlesqe".
It's not just dancers, it's as Wikipedia points out, " Burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration"


burleque for the spicy

in San Diego- Comic-Con Opening Night!


THIS SITE is going through a complete reboot. Still working on it conceptually. Keep checking back.

THANKS PopCandy (Whit)


BURLESQUE!  It's the stuff!

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Like saucy superstars of burlesque!
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And Oblivia Nuetron Bomb!

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Popular Naughty is a burlesque inspired graphically charged, punk rock, streetwear line built for malcontents and provocateurs.

                Comic-Con Burlesque show in San Diego 2009



I took a little reality break to do some big projects and I am back now . Hi!

Burlesque is
the spicy
side of geek culture.


Okay NEXT YEAR we are all going to be on the same page right?

co-promote, maybe do a group shirt design?

Popular Naughty - Post Modern Image Saucemaking




Think... the taunting wit of burlesque, the teasing of our selves and the silly people in charge. It is keywordy like... streetwear, street wear, fashion store, fashionstore, club wear, skate wear, urban clothes, urban wear, urbanwear, mode store, modestore, online-shop market, art wear, and things like that. But think. Please think.

Streetwear for thee clever minded. We are ALL about the streetwear, happy sarcastic people that can see the world and walk across it as if it were a canvas. think... Hot, urban street and clubwear for the luxury minded malcontent

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