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Popular Naughty is a pop-culture burlesque clothing design collection of art, punk, glam, and burlesque imagery from the mind and archives of Rex Edhlund that nosy people that looked at his monitor insisted be put into the world.


Rex's insanely thorough collection of pop-iconography from 100 years of rebellion is where Popular Naughty gets its inspiration. We showcase the kitschy performance art, campy burlesque, dive bar kulture, pin-ups, post-punk rebellion, freaks of nature and all other forms of muse that have so influenced alternative music and lifestyles forever, but are now 'mallworthy'.


Rex is known for many things- he created The Store that Cannot Be Named, which served as a launchpad and base for many then-unknown artists in San Diego, he co-founded, built, and for a while made functional, a cavernous non-profit art cooperative called The Loft in downtown SD, but he's perhaps best known as a writer and designer for magazines that promoted up and coming artists. The publishing side of his career started in the early days of punk rock with fanzines such as Black Market, then going on to serve as creative director and publisher for Sin, Hypno, Kulture Deluxe, and even local publications such as the award winning downtown San Diego Paper; D-Town.


These magazines helped define the emerging underground art culture that is finally receiving accolades from major museums all over the world. Hypno, after being internationally distributed for over three years, won Rex a few major awards - one for being a member of the Top 10 Experts in Pop Culture (Avante Garde) and for being one of the Top 100 Most Influential Members of Generation X (Esprit Foundation). He was even on the Leeza Gibbons Show as a "slacker who turned his lifestyle into a career".


Popular Naughty has been going strong for just over 5 years. Rex's style permeates every design aspect of this line - from the website to the hang tags, giving Popular Naughty a cohesive branding.


With three major tradeshows under our belt, we have had over 60 wholesale accounts and could be found as far away as Germany and Japan.


Other projects (that paid way better) took away the wholesale focus for a while and now we are going to be offering the clothing exclusively through our site and flagship store in downtown San Diego.


Our postmodern, post-everything jetset burlesque clothing blog is ready to take off, and we'd like to have you on board!

Read frequently, buy some burlesque clothing often, and have a lovely decadent life.







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