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Comic-Con 2009

burleque for the spicy


supernova-a-go-go burlesque


Burlesque, Penny Star Jr.

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BURLESQUE!  It's the stuff!

The sexy side of geek culture.

Thursday Night, July 23
Opening Night of SD Comic-Con


2 Shows! Thursday Night of Comic Con

8:30 and 10:00 - $12
($10 with flyer - @ Booth #1617)

Right there in downtown San Diego
CHECK OUT the Preview Reel!

Burlesque variety show

Voted "Best of LA" by Bizarre Magazine

Dozens of sexy performers, the geek elite, and a hard drinking audience of pop culture enthusiasts.

Who is this Rex Edhlund?

A pop-kultural fanaticist whose lengthy career covers all aspects of writing, publishing, and design. His long appreciation of burlesque culture and its associated design style has led him to the world of fashion.

He has been the Editor in Chief of such influential publications as Hypno Magazine and Kulture Deluxe, as well as a graphic designer that has collaborated with the likes of Frank Kozik and Shepard Fairey.

Now operating a design studio in San Diego, he is relaunching Popular Naughty in what he pretends is his "spare time", to better clothe the edgy, exotic, adventurebound, provocateur crowd.

More can be found at and soon at his entertainment site

LOOK how CLOSE it is to Comic Con!

It might be smart to get your PRE-SALE Tickets at
the Popular Naughty Display Booth #1617

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Like saucy superstars of burlesque!
And Secret Shows! And Weinermobiles at RAMMING speed!
And Naked Unicorns! And Necronomicomic-cons! And Space Vixens! And Exclusive Designs!


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