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Emilie Autumn

This is almost ridiculous. So I have a thing for red hair. So what. I also have a thing for violin with a stronger thing-having for women that play violin. I also have a strong appreciation for the Victorian / Steampunk, tattered, retro-futurist style.

Somehow, somewhere a mad scientist with EXACTLY the same tastes concocted THIS perfect creature.

The petite and talented starlet Emilie Autumn.

Not happy with only being a stage dazzling goth-goddess she finds her way into this Burlesque Hall of Infamy with her addition of EMILIE AUTUMN's "Sexy Medical Burlesque Show"
live in Club BACKSTAGE (Munich/Germany) on March 28th in association with Kinkats Magazine.

wha huh? Sexy Medical Burlesque?

Nicely named! And now I start my hunt for an obscure (in America) German subculture magazine.

I like the music too. I will continue exploring and may upgrade the musical opinion. Judge for yourself, but be careful. It seems everybody falls in love with her.





Stage and Burlesque Star Emiley Autumn

SuperStarle Emilie Autumn






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