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Dita Von Teese


Love her, hate her, or love her more, Dita has done soooo much in illuminating the large world at large to the pleasures of tease.

So many buffoons out there don't know the difference between stylish burlesque and a cheesy stripper dump.

Maybe some of the stumbling masses will stumble here and get a hint of how cool it is.

Dita helps the cause. This porcelein pretty, VaVoom built knockout sticks to her formidable guns and grinds out beautiful performance after beautiful performance.

Aah Dita.

Snow White for the Boom-Boom crowd.





Burlesque Superstar Dita von Teese

A brief mention in The Sun


A taste of Dita Von Teese

How about... ACTION!
Y'know, Youtube may be the most authentic way to watch burlesque. It's all grainy and stuttering then most of the time just ends suddenly. Very stag-loop-like.


Burlesque star Dita Von Teese performs live at
New Orleans Shim Sham Club w/ drummer
Ronnie Magri & his New Orleans Jazz Band.
Recorded 6/2/02, Dita performs in one of her 5 special
guest appearances with the Shim Sham Revue.
Here she dances to "Easy Rockin'" from Ronnie Magri's CD.




DITA VON TEESE, The muse of the Cointreau Brand,
in London unveiling the Dita-centric, Cointreau sponsored show "Be Cointreauversial" and her namesake cocktail "Cointreau Teese".



30s Cocktail Cabaret in Russia



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Dita Von Teese Burlesque and Fetish Star, the ONLY Official website




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